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>Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 13:47:34 EDT
>Subject: Contact planning meeting
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>Dear friends and colleagues,
> You might be interested in a brief personal report on the second
>"Contact Planning" meeting held this past weekend in Denver, Colorado.
>This meeting was organized by Kyle Pickford and Michael Lindemann, as was
>the first one in October. They plan to publish the outcomes in a book.
> For me, there were three highlights.
> 1. The 23 participants were a fascinating mix of backgrounds and
>beliefs and competencies, but all became enthusiastically involved with
>the effort to anticipate just what might happen during the hours and days
>after contact with ETI. Quite an experience to spend 48 hours immersed
>in contact!
> 2. We spent one afternoon in 5 groups: business, religion, science,
>government, and media/public. Each group role-played its behavior for
>each of eight scenarios. Although I have read lots of stuff on
>post-contact, this was the first time that I deeply grasped just how
>people in each of those categories may actually behave right after
>contact. Sobering.
> 3. What can we do now to prepare? We spent the last few hours of
>the meeting generating and clustering various strategic planning
>possibilities. A large number of these ideas clearly fit into two
>clusters that I find very encouraging: (a) Tell the general public the
>truth right away. (b) Prepare to communicate and negotiate with ETI in a
>friendly and cooperative manner, even if its behavior seems unfriendly.
> After the meeting I headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park for two
>days of glorious hiking above treeline on the wildflower-carpeted arctic
>tundra. No doubt ETI's planet is lovely, but surely no more beautiful
>and inspiring than ours!
> Allen
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