SETI Chat with with Dr. David Anderson and Dan Werthimer this Friday Evening

Kris Johnson (
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 15:16:49 +0800

The SETI Club @ Yahoo <> have a chat with
Dr. David Anderson and Dan Werthimer of Dr. David Anderson and Dan Werthimer of SETI@home fame organised for Friday
evening. Here are some details...


For those of you planning to participate in the chat Friday with Dr. David
Anderson and Dan Werthimer (Friday 16th 5:00 PDT, 00:00 Sat 17th GMT) here
are a few guidelines to make it more enjoyable for all.

Dan Kennedy (Danno_K99) will be moderating. He will be presenting a series
of questions to David and Dan that have been drawn up in advance from posts
on board. After we get through this list we will be taking questions from
the participants.

For the chat please:

- JOIN THE CLUB IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY! Yahoo will only let you in chat if
you have filled out the form.
- be considerate of others
- hold your main questions until Dan (moderator) finishes our preprepared
list of questions.
- keep in mind that our time is limited
- set your chat preferences to disable both auto away and tell me when
chatters enter and leave
- Pass on greeting entrants once the chat gets under way. (friendly with 10,
annoying w/50)

After each response from David/Dan, brief comments from the room are
fine...but don't feel like you need to chirp in on every response. Follow up
questions are ok too but be reasonable.

We are planning to log the session for posting on the club website so if you
have problems with yahoo chat or can't attend then you can read the
responses later.

Have fun and learn!



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