SETI [ASTRO] Non-Earth Based Solar System Ephemerides Available

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>Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 22:14:02 GMT
>From: Ron Baalke <>
>Subject: [ASTRO] Non-Earth Based Solar System Ephemerides Available
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>Non-Earth Based Solar System Ephemerides Available
>RELEASE: July 12, 1999
> The Horizons on-line solar system ephemeris program has been
generalized to
>allow observing sites on other planets, satellites, some asteroids & comets,
>and some spacecraft. This new capability is accessible from telnet or e-mail
> Documentation (explains how to access system):
> Web:
> PostScript:
> Examples of new applications, considering the extension to non-Earth
> - When does the Earth rise as seen from a site on Io?
> - What are the eclipse circumstances of Deimos as seen
> from a landing site on Phobos?
> - When is sun-rise as seen from Viking 1 landing site?
> - What is the azimuth and elevation of asteroid Ceres
> from a site on the Moon?
> A database of spacecraft landing sites on Venus, the Moon and Mars has
>defined. Users may define their own topocentric sites on any body with a
>rotational model. There are 750+ sites predefined for the Earth.
> Horizons provides comprehensive access to solar system data and
>of highly accurate ephemerides for solar system objects. This includes
>asteroids & comets, 63 natural satellites, 9 planets, the Sun, spacecraft,
>several dynamical points.
> Users connect and generate customized parameter searches OR tables of
up to
>70 dynamic, geometric and sky circumstance quantities, as a function of
> Computations are based on the latest physical models used at JPL for
>spacecraft navigation, mission planning and radar astronomy. Output is
>for researchers, observers, mission planners and others who need accurate
>numerical data, but the system is open to the public and is intended to be
>to use. A forms-based web interface offers access to a subset of program
>Jon Giorgini | Navigation & Flight Mechanics Section
> | Solar System Dynamics Group
> | Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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