SETI: If ET Were Visiting....

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> Hello All,
> If ET were visiting would they contact us?

What are the reasons they would come here in the first place?
Maybe just to observe us a few years, maybe to talk & etc.
Or, would they come here just to ignore us?
PS: My guess (so far), is that races with radio technology don't seem to
live within
10 or 15 LY of Earth. This plus the fact that we have seen no ETI probes
seems to point to the idea that advanced life forms are somewhat rare in
part of the galactic spiral.

> How would they know who to contact?
If it was me, I would call up those people who had radios or maybe TV sets
and introduce myself..

> Is our world unified to the extent that anyone body could be recognized
as voice for all?

Would any ET here to study or talk to us only want to speak to one person
(or one group)? Wouldn't that be kind of strange on planet with billions of

>Would ET know this? (this presumes that visitors rationalize the same as

Why would they even care if the governments of the earth were not unified
into one
big happy UGE (Unified Governments of Earth)? Are they going to ask us to
sign a lease agreement for Mars?

> Comments are invited.

It almost sounds like you are asking, "Would ETs be really stupid"?
Heck, who knows.. They may be dumb as bricks.
(But if they were smart enough to get here)..?..

> Walt Williams, 99.07.10

73, Rich <>

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