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Hi Setizen,

I indicated the SETI League editorial to Milo Wolff.
I forward you his answer.



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Subject: Re: Communication by Engangled Particles
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 1999 23:20:57 -0700
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I want to thank you for sending me the article by Leon Darcy which is innovative and interesting. I found new ideas in it.

I learned from his point that our human connunication methods are shaped
by our terrestial enviroment. And..., that this is not obvious to us
because we take sound, the visual spectrum, radio, etc for granted
without deeper thought about the method of energy transfer. I agree with
his suggestion that the great majority of both fact and fiction writers
have overlooked it. I did! He is probably right that if we want to
communicate with ETI a lot of hard-thinking about their methods will be

With some regret, in view of my enjoyment of his writing, I have to
point out that 'entangled states' are NOT available as a means of
communication faster than light. That too fails. It is not obvious
because most persons have not deeply examined the method of energy
transfer. Especially, we take for granted our human ability to 'learn'
or 'see' or 'hear'. It is easy to ignore the fact that at the lowest
fundamental level ALL energy tranfer is a QUANTUM shift of energy. We
must look at that.

 One has to recognize from the start that ALL
TRANSFER (ONE QUANTUM MINIMUM). This is always true whether the transfer
is a pulse in a neuron of our eye, or a bit encoded on a magnetic disk,
the movement of an instrument needle, or oxidation of a silver molecule
on a film. We cannot learn without rearrangement of energy in the
memory section of our brains. The energy transfer is often taken for
granted, but it is nevertheless a necessity.

Even further, the illusory notion of a 'photon', or the use of the
Poynting vector in E+M, allows most scientists to ignore the important
quantum process of energy exchange which is actually taking place.
Photons and Poynting vectors are merely mathematical devices. They are
not real but serve to patch-up the incomplete description in the math

 As we all know, in every energy exchange that we observe there is a
source molecule with an energy level decreasing, and somewhere else
there is a sink molecule with an energy state increasing. We cannot see
a photon in motion - the concept is contradictory. We only see the
source shift energy downward, and later the sink shifts energy upward.
The time difference and the separation produces the velocity 'c' but we
cannot see what is happening. This basic quantum process has only one
quatnum involved, There is no energy left over to allow us to 'see' what

The process and MECHANISM OF ENERGY TRANSFER at the quantum level has
been examined in detail on the Quantum Science web site: See the articles on "The origin of
Instantaneous action', 'The origin of the spin of the electron' and the
'Eightfold way of the universe'

The energy transfer process in entangled states requires studying the
quantum wave structure of particles (See: 'A Wave Structure for the
Electron" ). The transfer process involves communication by advanced and
retarded quantum waves of the particles involved, which we cannot
observe directly, but they travel at velocity c. A resonant coupling is
established between source and sink which eventually results in the
shift of energy states at the sources and sink. These shift we can

The bottom line is that the actual information transfer betwee entangled
statestakes place at velocity c. We are confused, if we are not aware of
the role of the advanced and retarded particle wave, or of the wave
structure of the particles.


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