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Tue, 06 Jul 1999 12:01:15 -0400

Big Ear Radio Observatory, which used to be at the
Ohio State University (OSU), has a Web page devoted
to the 1994 X-Files episode which featured the "Wow!"
signal of 1977.

This page includes a letter from Co-Executive Producer
Glen Morgan, who said he tried to help promote SETI with
this episode, but was "irked" at the lack of response.

This is probably because anyone who watches The X-Files
and takes it as anything more than entertainment is
convinced that "They" are "Here" and SETI is therefore
unnecessary, not to mention it is probably a Government
Conspiracy Coverup Red Herring.

For more about the real OSU "Wow!" signal and a
brief history of Big Ear:

Images from the last days of Big Ear, which in
my view was not saved due to a lack of strong
enough support for what was the longest-running
SETI project on Earth. This is yet another reason
why we probably have not received an ETI signal.


At 06:01 PM 07/02/1999 -0400, Cecchini, Ron wrote:
>Don't know if anyone saw it, but after posting to the SETI & Sagan
>lists about Firmage's latest, i found it a "nice coincidence" that
>the X-Files was the one where Mulder discovers that SETI made contact
>(the "Wow!" signal was supposedly ETI!), that there was a coverup, &
>off he goes to Arecibo to find out what's going on. He even mentions
>The Planetary Society & the BETA project @ Harvard.
>Oooo ... "synch-ro-ni-city" ...

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