Re: SETI Seti Editorial: Communication by Engangled Particles

John Bush (
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 09:58:32 -0700 (PDT)

At 10:49 AM 7/4/99 EDT, you wrote:

> I read the article on the seti league site. It was an excellent choice By
>Dr. Shuch. I have thought for some time now that this type of communication
>may be possible. I read the book "Quantum Reality", written in 85 by Nick
>Herbert, a couple of years ago, and it convinced me, on basic experimental
>grounds, that "faster then light action at a distance" is a proven reality,
>and has been for a long time.
>A quote from the web site article:
> "With this problem in mind I considerered the thought experiment where a
>particle here on Earth which has a left hand spin, and its twin two million
>light years away which has a right hand spin, still interact instantaniously
>which each other. If we change the spin in the particle here on Earth, then
>instantly the other particle two million light years away reverses its spin.
>This quantum particle entanglement has now been proved by experiment, though
>admittedly in the laboratory, at more modest distances than two million light
> Can anyone confirm that we can change the second of a twin of an entangled
>particle by changing the first one? Can anyone provide the reference? I do in
>fact believe that this will someday happen, but I didn't know it happened

The Usenet sci.physics FAQ has a good introduction on the EPR paradox,
Bell's inequality, entanglement, etc. See:
The FAQ seems to say that the jury is still out on this whole subject,
theoretically as well as experimentally. Doesn't sound to me as if FTL,
action at a distance is a proven reality. But then I haven't read Nick
Herbert's book.

> Just remember the article from IBM, of all sources, "quantum
>teleportation". Sometimes science moves slowly. Other times it sounds like
>science fiction.

Guess I missed the IBM article; do you have a reference?


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