Re: SETI Seti Editorial: Communication by Engangled Particles

Elisabeth Piotelat (
Mon, 05 Jul 1999 16:46:00 +0200


I also read this guest editorial and found it very impressive.

That's really nice to see that the best site where to find new ideas about SETI is the SETI League one !

"Can anyone confirm that we can change the second of a twin of an entangled particle by changing the first one? Can anyone provide the reference? I do in fact believe that this will someday happen, but I didn't know it happened already."

I'm not qualified to answer your questions John, but you may find some answers at Milo Wollfs web site about "The Wave Structure of Matter"

There's a paper about "The Physical Origin of Electron Spin"

"Sometimes science moves slowly. Other times it sounds like science fiction."

Great !


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