SETI Seti Editorial: Communication by Engangled Particles
Sun, 4 Jul 1999 10:49:50 EDT

   I read the article on the seti league site. It was an excellent choice By
Dr. Shuch. I have thought for some time now that this type of communication
may be possible. I read the book "Quantum Reality", written in 85 by Nick
Herbert, a couple of years ago, and it convinced me, on basic experimental
grounds, that "faster then light action at a distance" is a proven reality,
and has been for a long time.

   But action is different from communication. The established physicists
seem to have a vociferous opposition to even contemplating such a
communication. This is probably because they see no way to do it, given their
present state of knowledge, and they in fact quote theorems proving that it
cannot be done.

   Several things will need to be done before such a FTL communications
technology would actually work.

   First, someone would need a spin-entangled particle generator and
separator. This does not seem impossible, although it won't be easy. One
problem seems that once you separate the entangled particles into, say, all
up spin, then you have in fact collapsed the quantum state, and lost the

   Second, someone needs to transmit one of the entangled particles to the
distant location. (Notice that the distant location might be as close as the
other side of a microprocessor, or as distant as the other side of the
universe). And they also need to store the other of the entangled particles.
This doesn't seem impossible, either.

A quote from the web site article:

  "With this problem in mind I considerered the thought experiment where a
particle here on Earth which has a left hand spin, and its twin two million
light years away which has a right hand spin, still interact instantaniously
which each other. If we change the spin in the particle here on Earth, then
instantly the other particle two million light years away reverses its spin.
This quantum particle entanglement has now been proved by experiment, though
admittedly in the laboratory, at more modest distances than two million light

   Can anyone confirm that we can change the second of a twin of an entangled
particle by changing the first one? Can anyone provide the reference? I do in
fact believe that this will someday happen, but I didn't know it happened

   Just remember the article from IBM, of all sources, "quantum
teleportation". Sometimes science moves slowly. Other times it sounds like
science fiction.


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