The ups and downs of SETI software

Larry Klaes (
Fri, 02 Jul 1999 09:54:19 -0400

To quote in part:

VERSION 1.05 of VERSION 1.05 of SETI@home’s client software was released
Wednesday, June 30, which boosted daily traffic fivefold,
said Dan Werthimer, an astronomer at the University of
California at Berkeley who is the project’s chief scientist.

The original software was designed to notify users about the
update as new pieces of data are exchanged, and Werthimer
figured that meant the new rush would last about a week.

The situation was complicated Thursday by a water main break
on the Berkeley campus: The flood spilled into an electrical
substation, with the result that the entire campus — including
the central the central SETI@home servers — was disconnected from the
Internet for several hours, said university spokeswoman
Marie Felde.
The outage sparked a flurry of messages on Internet
bulletin boards from bulletin boards from SETI@home users trying to upload
and download data.

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