SETI (eS) Lost in Space & Ancient telescopes

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Thu, 01 Jul 1999 17:33:42 -0400

>Date: 1 Jul 1999 18:50:13 -0000 >To: List Member <> >Mailing-List: ListBot mailing list contact >From: exoScience <> >Delivered-To: mailing list >Subject: (eS) Lost in Space & Ancient telescopes > >exoScience - > >Hey everyone (and welcome to those joining us from!), > >A report in Nature is provoking discussion amongst those involved in the >search for extraterrestrial life. The report, written by David Stevenson, >proposes that small, rocky planets similar to the Earth can be ejected >from their solar systems during formation, and that these rogue planets >could support life. > >The ejected planets could harbour a hydrogen atmosphere. Such an >atmosphere, if it were sufficiently thick, could help retain heat and may >even permit the formation of surface liquid water oceans. Read the full >story at: > > > >Also in the news, scientists may have found the oldest telescope in the >world! An Assyrian rock crystal lens has been found. There is much >speculation that this lens could have been used as a telescope, helping to >explain the Assyrians' advanced knowledge of astronomy. This all took >place 3 thousand years prior to Galileo. Read it: > > >Dave Watanabe > > > >______________________________________________________________________ >To unsubscribe, write to >Start Your Own FREE Email List at > >

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