SETI RE: setiathome version 1.05

Cecchini, Ron (Ron.Cecchini@GSC.GTE.Com)
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 12:31:37 -0400

From: Adrian W Kingsley-Hughes [] > To everyone who has had problems with the > To everyone who has had problems with the seti@home client for window (proxy > problems especially), ver 1.05 is now available. I downloaded mine from What about the Unix SunOS 4.1.4 vs. 1.2 version? The 0.46 version was running fine on my Unix box, but ever since 1.2 all i get are coredumps. & i can't run the older version (0.46) 'cause it keeps telling me to upgrade. *argh* But, FWIW, the NT 4.0 problem i was having a few weeks ago was fixed ... & i think it didn't have anything to do w/ the "service pack" issue. i don't know what i did to get it running again ... a reboot here, a reboot there ... ron

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