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>X-Authentication-Warning: majordom set sender to owner-astro using -f >Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 05:20:07 -0300 (ADT) >From: Michael Boschat <andromed@ATM.DAL.CA> >X-Sender: >X-Sender: andromed@Skye >To: ASTRO <> >Subject: [ASTRO] 0545Z / 29 JUNE AURORAL ACTIVITY SYNOPSIS: >Sender: >Reply-To: Michael Boschat <andromed@ATM.DAL.CA> > >>From Solar Terrestrial Dispatch - Alberta - Canada >===================================================== > > Auroral activity was mostly quiet to unsettled today. However, >there was a period of minor auroral storming that occurred from 05:00 UTC to >about 09:00 UTC. Although no sightings were reported, activity was strong >enough to observe from many upper-middle latitude dark-sky sites despite the >high lunar interference. Spacecraft imagery showed the equatorward edge >of the auroral oval had expanded to perhaps just north of the U.S. / >Canada border. > As a result, observations into the northern U.S. should have been possible. >However, the frequency of strong substorming during this period was not very >high, so timing may have been crucial to observing the more intense phases of >the infrequent substorm activity. Auroral activity stabilized considerably >after 09:00 UTC and has remained mostly quiet since then. Generally >quiet to unsettled activity is expected to continue through 30 June >inclusive. > There is a chance for another mild enhancement of activity on 01 July in >response to yet another coronal mass ejection which may graze the Earth. > > NOTE: Northern high latitude stations are now experiencing adverse > seasonal twilight conditions. Regular reports from the higher northern > latitude stations will therefore cease until later this fall. > > ** End of Aurora Report ** > > >

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