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Kris Johnson (
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 15:55:33 +0800

> -----Original Message----- > > There is a now a command line setiathome for Windows NT (it might be worth > trying on Win 9x - there is no documentation) on the > trying on Win 9x - there is no documentation) on the SETI@Home web site. > This should satisfy those wanting continuous idle loop processing (it > runs at "low" priority). Like the Unix versions, of which is probably > a simple port, it accepts -proxy host:port for abitrary ports - I won't > know if this works until tomorrow. > > My initial impression is that it is slower than Linux but faster than the > GUI Windows version, even when the latter is run continuously in the > background. It works on NT & 98, not 95 :( The proxy settings do work with my port 8888 crappy proxy. I feels much fast on single processor PCs, especially my Win98 portable. I reckon it'll give Linux a run for its money on an appropriately optimised Win install It supports multiple processors, just run multiple copies in multiple directories and use the -CPU X option to set the CPU (I don't know if it starts at 0 or 1) - Each thread will eat between 13 and 17MB of RAM. It's much nicer on the system than the GUI version in background mode, better even than the newer beta GUI versions. HTH, Kris. .-=[ Kris Johnson ]=------ - Kris' Haven - --- - | Shop at the Haven - Join the SETI club - Win a Diamond Rio MP3 player | Product info via e-mail; | VRchat in my new *3D* world @

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