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>X-Authentication-Warning: major-ii set sender to using -f >Date: Sat, 26 Jun 1999 15:39:39 -0400 >From: John Catalano <> >X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.5 [en] (Win98; I) >X-Accept-Language: en >To: MAILING LIST for the World of Richard Dawkins <> >Subject: Dawkins: *HOT* Dawkins on WFMU Jun 28 / Review of Milton / New Behe's Empty Box >Sender: > > --== "The World of Richard Dawkins" Newsletter ==-- > >The items below were selected from the current Headlines: > > >================================================================ >http://default/richarddawkins/shattering_the_myths.htm >================================================================ >Review of Richard Milton's "The Facts of Life: Shattering the myth >of Darwinism" by Richard Dawkins. New Statesman, London, Aug 28. >(1992) - "Every day I get letters, in capitals and obsessively >underlined if not actually in green ink, from flat-earthers, >young-earthers, perpetual-motion merchants, astrologers and other >harmless fruitcakes. The only difference here is that Richard >Milton managed to get his stuff published..." > > >================================================================ >"THE GREEN ROOM": >================================================================ >*HOT* Monday, 28 June 99 - Richard Dawkins on The Green Room with >Dorian. WFMU Radio / Internet RealAudio: > >Evolutionary biologist, Oxford University zoologist, holder of the >Charles Simonyi Chair for the Public Understanding of Science, and >author of several influential books including "The Selfish Gene", >"The Extended Phenotype", and "Unweaving the Rainbow" honors The >Green Room with yet another visit. > >Plus Charles Townes - Now at the University of California >Berkeley, this winner of the 1964 Nobel Prize in Physics (for >fundamental work in the field of quantum electronics which has led >to the construction of oscillators and amplifiers based on the >maser-laser principle) will discuss the invention of the maser and >the laser, as well as his current work in astronomy. > > >================================================================ >BEHE'S EMPTY BOX: >================================================================ >New "issue" of Behe's Empty Box. Includes reports on the "The >Wedge Strategy", a review by Daniel Dennett, updated intro, and >much more. > > >-- >John Catalano + + New York, USA >'The World of Richard Dawkins' + > >"It is true that an occasional lonely figure, originally written >off as loony or at least wrong, has eventually been triumphantly >vindicated... But it is also true that a much larger number of >people originally regarded as wrong really were wrong. To be worth >publishing, a book must do a little more than just be out of step >with the rest of the world." > > --Richard Dawkins > >

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