SETI Radio Meteor Alert

Larry Klaes (
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 09:33:05 -0400

>Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 23:33:25 -0500 >From: NASA Science News <> >Reply-To: >To: >Subject: Radio Meteor Alert > >NASA Space Science News for June 28, 1999 > >Radio Meteor Alert -- The earth may be headed into two meteoroid >swarms that could produce shooting stars for the next week. The >meteors might be difficult to see visually (some are expected >during the daytime) but HAM radio operators will be able to >monitor these showers using radio reflection techniques. Radio >observations reported to >observations reported to Science@NASA yesterday indicate that >meteor activity may already be underway. This story includes audio >sounds from meteors recorded on June 27th. FULL STORY at > > ><a href="">link for >AOL users</a> > >============================================================ >You are subscribed to NASA's Space Science News mail server. >This is a free service. > >To add, remove, or change your address on this service, >go to > > > ><a href=""> >Link for AOL users</a>. >============================================================ > >Linda Porter >Code SD23 >Science Systems Department >NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center >Huntsville AL 35812 > >(256)544-7588 >(256)544-7128 (fax) > > > > >

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