Re: SETI Joe Firmage's latest

Larry Klaes (
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 13:33:55 -0400

So this is what happens when you become rich, powerful, and have access to the Web. Regarding the Nova program on exoplanets, you can read all about it at this Web site: Larry At 11:28 PM 06/24/1999 -0400, Cecchini, Ron wrote: >Joe "billionaire alien hunter" Firmage sent out another mass-mailing >the other day with a response to a critique of his online "book". > >The first link is the response. The second the main link to his writings. > > > > > >..... > >BTW, i don't know if you all caught it, but this week's Nova (don't >know if they're gonna show it again) is "Hunting Alien Worlds". > >SETI & Dr. Drake were mentioned, but only briefly. > >

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