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Larry Klaes (
Tue, 22 Jun 1999 17:10:08 -0400

The famous Powers of Ten film by the office of Ray and Charles Eames has now come out with a CD-ROM version which literally adds whole new dimensions to the concept. >From the Web site: POWERS OF TEN (TM) INTERACTIVE, designed, directed and written by film and multimedia maker Eames Demetrios of the Eames Office is a CD-ROM based on the famous short film Powers Of Ten by the Office of Charles and Ray Eames. The original film may be familiar to you: starting at a picnic, it pulls back to the edge of the universe, going ten times further every ten seconds, then zooms into an atom in the hand of a man going ten times closer every ten seconds. Powers Of Ten reveals much about science, certainly, but ultimately it is about scale. POWERS OF TENTM INTERACTIVE is a spectacular reinvention of this classic theme. POWERS OF TENTM INTERACTIVE uses the spatial journey as a spine for five parallel journeys, called "strands" in the CD-ROM. Each strand explores scale through a distinct prism and gives the user a deeper understanding of every order of magnitude. The six strands are: The Space Strand, a voyage from the farthest reaches of the universe to the interior of the atom, demonstrates a new way of looking at the commonplace. The Time Strand, a Powers of Ten in time, takes the viewer from a single attosecond to over 31 billion years. The Tools Strand, a look at the tools we use to understand the various orders of magnitude, ranges from telescopes to mythology, from electron microscopes to wrong answers. The People Strand is about people who have thought deeply about each power of ten in space or time, each offering another way of understanding that scale. The Eames Strand presents an aspect of Charles and Ray Eames' work that relates to each scale, work that still resonates with its vision, including a remarkable amount of previously unpublished material. The Patterns Strand shows a series of slices of the universe through different axes of time and space, from the Milky Way, as seen by different cultures, to spirals at scales from the atomic to the galactic. Taken together, these six strands are a celebration of the richness of the world as humanity has explored it, offering an idiosyncratic voice and a strong point-of-view -- a personal perspective missing from most multimedia projects. POWERS OF TENTM INTERACTIVE is a groundbreaking achievement in CD-ROM interactivity that finally maximizes use of this medium. It allows the user to explore intuitively, always moving forward by choice, always anchored in the spatial journey for easy navigation, and always only one click away from exciting new content. The CD-ROM includes the complete film Powers Of Ten and the completely new Powers Of Time, created especially for this project. In addition, there are thousands of still images, many from the Eames Office archives, film clips, video interviews, and a 1500 page Digital Anthology. POWERS OF TENTM INTERACTIVE is an essential purchase for any serious home library of interactive programs, especially film buffs, students, architects and designers, collectors, and anyone else interested in exploring new ideas about the world through the medium of CD-ROM. Larry

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