SETI Sagan: Kubrick's 'Odyssey' keeps date with 2001

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>X-MSMail-Priority: Normal >X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.00.2314.1300 >X-MIMEOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V5.00.2314.1300 >Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 20:18:38 CST6CDT,4,1,0,7200,10,-1,0,10800,3600 >X-OldDate: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 21:17:00 -0400 >Sender: carlsagan-owner <> >Reply-To: "Carl Sagan List" <> >From: "Chris Hoffman" <> >To: "Carl Sagan List" <> >Subject: Sagan: Kubrick's 'Odyssey' keeps date with 2001 > >Well, I know what I'll be doing 12/31/00! > > >2001 Rerelease News >>From the Hollywood Reporter, March 11, 1999 > >Kubrick's 'Odyssey' keeps date with 2001 > >Warner Bros. is planning to rerelease Stanley Kubrick's best-known film, >"2001: A Space Odyssey," on New Year's Eve 2000 -- in accordance with the >wishes of the late filmmaker. "This is something Stanley himself was very, >very desirous of," said Turner Entertainment Co. president Roger Mayer, who >is working on the project. Print elements of the 1968 film have been kept in >pristine condition, and new protection elements were pulled from Kubrick's >negative in 1982. "At Stanley's instigation, the color timing was freshened >up a few years ago, with new 35mm and 70mm prints made," said Dick May, vp >film preservation at Warners, which holds "Odyssey" through its acquisition >of Ted Turner's MGM/UA library. At that time, the sound was digitally >remastered, May said. As many Kubrick fans are aware, after the movie opened >to tepid audience response, the director had 20 minutes excised while the >picture was in limited release. "He never actually pulled (the film); he had >MGM send out editors with an instruction list, and they cut it right there >in the theaters," May said. That footage will not be restored. "This did >come up a few years ago in regard to a video rerelease, and Stanley said >no," May said. "The cut he ended up with was the cut he was happiest with." > > > > >-=============================================================- >-= Send all help/info requests to: =- >-= =- >-=-----------------------------------------------------------=- >-= TO UNSUBSCRIBE: =- >-= Message To: =- >-= Subject: <blank> =- >-=Message Body: unsubscribe =- >-=-----------------------------------------------------------=- >-= Carl Sagan Mailing List Home Page =- >-= =- >-=-----------------------------------------------------------=- >-= This list provided courtesy of CraigerWare Enterprises =- >-= =- >-= Custom software, internet hosting, and the kitchen sink! =- >-=============================================================- > > >

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