SETI Hobbies a waste of time?

prewar (
Sun, 20 Jun 1999 17:14:38 +0100

Dr. H. Paul Shuch wrote: > > > I couldn't agree more! For the 1050 members of The SETI League, this > powerful amateur science is a hobby. Waste of time and money -- isn't > that the very definition of hobby? > Hi, Some hobbies are not a waste of time or money....painting/writing/playing a musical instrument.etc etc. Restoration of cars/radios/cameras etc etc as a hobby can actually make money on a resale! SETI is a new ball game, in a 'league' of its own. (no pun intended). It's nearly act of faith! No chance of making money, and nearly certainly a waste of time. But because of the tiniest chance that we may proove beyond resonable doubt that ET may exist, we must do it. It's romantic to try, an adventure we all share, but is unlike any other hobby I've ever had! My neighbours think I'm barmy to try, but they cannot understand the sheer thrill in putting together equipment to listen, 'at the water hole.' A waste of time and money, yes, but in retirement (as I am), what is money, but to be wasted!! Good hunting to all. albErT !!

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