Re: SETI Re: Fw: Theoretical considerations on the central nervous system of future homo sapiens lead to the conclusion that communication with SETI is,probably,impossible

Rich Tyndall (
Sun, 20 Jun 1999 11:05:24 -0400

>>and that,consequently,SETI is a waste of money and >> time! Then Dr. H. Paul Shuch <> Wrote: > > I couldn't agree more! For the 1050 members of The SETI League, this > powerful amateur science is a hobby. Waste of time and money -- isn't > that the very definition of hobby? Rich Comments: Very good definition Doctor SETI. Now I know what to say when my kid starts smirking at my new ($50) bright red bike helmet. Here's one I heard. Boat: A hole in the water into which you pour money. I may be pouring some more money into SETI soon, my R-8500 is hearing way too many false alarms. (Maybe someday, we will have an on line data base where these 'false alarms' can be cross-checked). Happy Father's Day.. Rich<>

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