Fw: Theoretical considerations on the central nervous system of future homo sapiens lead to the conclusion that communication with SETI is,probably,impossible

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----- Original Message ----- From: <patanie@my-deja.com> To: <neur-sci@net.bio.net> Sent: Saturday, June 19, 1999 5:07 AM Subject: Theoretical considerations on the central nervous system of future homo sapiens lead to the conclusion that communication with SETI is,probably,impossible > Hi, > > I have studied,since 1976 to now,how our CNS functions and I have > deduced the following things concerning the future of homo sapiens > intelligence(for understanding of the vocabulary,please go to > http://dog.net.uk/claude where you will find an ensemble of draft > notes,some of which are relevant to SETI): > > Future homo sapiens brains will be "neuromodified" through a yet unborn > science which I term "neuromorphogenetics". > > Neuromorphogenetics will be a branch of "general morphogenetics"). > > Logical characteristics of the brains of homo sapiens in the future > should be as follows: > > 1.Verbal sequential language replaced by non-verbal non-sequential > language > > 2.Intensity of Consciousness modified: > > a.future homo sapiens will be able to make their consciousness "radiate" > at will,a process which will give them exquisite ways of problem > analysis. > > b.future homo sapiens will be able to have a polyfocal type of > consciousness instead of our,normal,monofocal form of consciousness. > > c.A system,critical in order to control the intensity of our > consciousness(which I termed the Consciousness Activating System or > SAC),will be greatly perfected in order to sustain a permanent state of > polyfocality and in order for consciousness to explore,deeply,the stored > data of our memory. > > I have recently found that consciousness is a phenomenon of resonances > between memory domains. > > The more we have these resonances going on in our brains and the more we > are,quantitatively,"conscious". > > Presently,in our normal brain,the quantity of these resonances is > low,thus our consciousness is low. > > In future homo sapiens,the quantity of resonances will be > increased,thanks to the modification of the SAC. > So our descendants will be vastly more advanced than we are. > > If we look at how fast our scientific knowledge grows,it is my belief > that all the above things will be realised before a 1000 years or so. > > The consequences of these modifications are so enormous that our > descendants will(obviously for me!) not communicate with us and will go > their own way... > > A millenium is a tiny amount of time in the reality of the Cosmos! > > Presumably,then,all advanced ETI capable of reaching the stars > have,first,neuromodified their brain in the way I hypothesise above,as I > believe that life,most probably,follow the same laws of organisations > anywhere in the Cosmos. > > In my opinion,then,there can be no contact with ETI slightly more > advanced than we are. The time lag between our kind of intelligence and > the ameliorated,neuromodified,intelligences is minute. > > Possibly,we could only communicate with those intelligences who are just > on the very same level of development > where we are. > > But,as far as advanced ETI are concerned,basically,it is my opinion that > we cannot communicate and that,consequently,SETI is a waste of money and > time! > > Best regards, > > Cl. > > > Sent via Deja.com http://www.deja.com/ > Share what you know. Learn what you don't. > >

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