Current magazine cover stories on SETI and exobiology

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>From the July issue of Astronomy Magazine: "The REAL Men in Black" (online) If Mars attacks, the Martians won't be humanoids with ray guns - they'll be killer microbes. Who will protect us? by Daniel Pendick >From the June issue of Astronomy Now Magazine: Focus: Life in Space - An overview of the study of life in space - Mars on Earth: Antarctica - Is life common? - A message to ET >From the June issue of Monitoring Times Magazine: "Join in the Search for ET" By Paul Shuch The search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (SETI) using radio astronomy has moved from the domain of government projects into the backyards of ordinary men and women. The SETI League helps to provide the leadership, fundraising and instruction for the grassroots effort. Paul Shuch, founder of the SETI League, explains the search and what equipment you will need to join this worldwide project. To make it even easier, Grove Enterprises now sells a complete SETI package -- minus only the reflector dish. Cover photos: Paul Shuch's backyard SETI dish, courtesy Paul Shuch; Jodi Foster, star of the movie Contact, courtesy Warner Brothers studios; background image of Orion Nebula courtesy C.R. O'Dell and NASA. "Whispers from the Cosmos" By Larry Van Horn Have you always wondered what frequencies are used in radio astronomy, and why? How can you know if the static on your receiver could potentially be from outer space? MT's assistant editor provides the amateur's guide to the radio astronomy spectrum. >From the July issue of Popular Electronics Magazine: "Join the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence", by Paul Shuch, 16(7):29-32+34-36+79. >From the July issue of Popular Mechanics: Don't let the cover turn you off. Here is an older Popular Mechanics article on SETI, a June, 1996 article titled "Listening for E.T." by Jim Wilson, with a sidebar on "Join the Search", by Philip Chien, about The SETI League's Project Argus: >From the July issue of Scientific American: "Life's Far-Flung Raw Materials" Life may owe its start to complex organic molecules manufactured in the icy heart of an interstellar cloud. by Max P. Bernstein, Scott A. Sandford, and Louis J. Allamandola WONDERS, by Philip Morrison - "The Hidden Cosmic Ruckus" Has our well-ordered solar system grown orderly merely by aging? "Wireless Communications" on fractal antennae: Larry

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