HobbySpace, SETI@Home, and the Starpages Web sites

Larry Klaes (lklaes@bbn.com)
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 13:48:09 -0400

>From the June 15, 1999 edition of SpaceViews: *** CyberSpace *** HobbySpace The HobbySpace web site is an effort to answer the question: "What fun space stuff can you do?" This site provides information on a wide range of activities that the average space enthusiast can take part in, from model rocketry to satellite observing to space activism. Each of the 30 sections of the site contains information about the activity and a comprehensive set of links to other resources online. If you've always wanted to somehow get involved in space, this is place to turn! http://www.hobbyspace.com/ Yahoo SETI Club Team If you're participating in the If you're participating in the SETI@home project to help process SETI data on your home PC, you've probably wished you could process data faster. If so, check out this site, which features over two dozen tips on how to speed up your two dozen tips on how to speed up your SETI@home efforts, ranging from software tweaks to hardware upgrades. There's also information about joining their team and a link to the SETI club at Yahoo! (hence the name of this site) which features discussion and more information about about SETI@home and SETI in general. (Be sure to also check out the (Be sure to also check out the SETI@home mailing list at talkSpace (http://www.talkspace.net/mlists/setiathome.html), a partner of SpaceViews.) http://zap.to/clubteam The Starpages The Starpages is an online astronomy-oriented yellow pages. The site is split into three components: StarWorlds, with more than 6,000 entries of astronomy organizations, institutions, and the like; StarHeads, with more than 5,000 entries of professional astronomers and related scientists; and StarBits, with 130,000 astronomical acronyms and abbreviations. Each section is searchable, so you can easily locate information about the desired person, institution, or abbreviation. http://cdsweb.u-strasbg.fr/~heck/spages.htm ======== This has been the June 15, 1999, issue of SpaceViews. SpaceViews is also available on the World Wide web from the SpaceViews home page: http://www.spaceviews.com/ or via anonymous FTP from ftp.seds.org: ftp://ftp.seds.org/pub/info/newsletters/spaceviews/text/19990615.txt To unsubscribe from SpaceViews, send mail to: majordomo@spaceviews.com In the body (not subject) of the message, type: unsubscribe spaceviews For editorial questions and article submissions for SpaceViews, including letters to the editor, contact the editor, Jeff Foust, at jeff@spaceviews.com For questions about the SpaceViews mailing list, please contact spaceviews-approval@spaceviews.com. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ____ | "SpaceViews" (tm) -by Boston Chapter // \ // | of the National Space Society (NSS) // (O) // | Dedicated to the establishment // \___// | of a spacefaring civilization. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- - - To NOT receive future newsletters, send this message to our NEW address: - To: majordomo@SpaceViews.com - Subject: anything - unsubscribe SpaceViews - - E-Mail List services provided by Northern Winds: www.nw.net - - SpaceViews (tm) is published for the National Space Society (NSS), - copyright (C) Boston Chapter of National Space Society - www.spaceviews.com www.nss.org (jeff@spaceviews.com)

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