Re: SETI at home: Where do we go now?

Glenn McLaren (
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 20:35:38 -0400

Kathie Kingsley-Hughes wrote: > If the problems with > If the problems with seti@home haven't dulled (or axed) Joe Public's > interest in SETI, what can we do to take it beyond a number-crunching > screensaver with minimal feedback ... ? Well, we could reverse the Well, we could reverse the seti@home concept. By providing all DirectTV users with a receiver to interface their little 18 inch dishes to their computers, we could have digitised data arriving on the internet from millions of these little beasties. After all, great numbers of them are looking at the same patch of sky (at the same time, from essentially the same location) and with some form of VERY precise time keeping their combined signal must be pretty awesome. Hmm, what about a modification (virus?) in their DSS receivers that transmits the stored FFT of an unused portion of the DSS band everytime they order Pay Per View ? Oh OK ... I'll go back to sleep ;) Seriously though, the existing Argus stations could increase their bandwidth beyond what their personal computing power can handle, with the surplus being taken up by non-equiped stations taken up by non-equiped stations seti@home style. At least we would have a personal relationship with the source of the data and therefore feel much closer to the action. Alternatively, groups of people could invest in small (4-6 ft) dishes and somehow combine the signals received to replicate a much bigger dish. Just some thoughts. Cheer's Glenn

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