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>X-Authentication-Warning: majordom set sender to owner-astro using -f >X-Sender: >X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0.3 (32) >Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 13:40:42 -0700 >To: ASTRO@LISTS.MINDSPRING.COM >From: Ron Ebert <> >Subject: Re: [ASTRO] Seeing things in a new light >Sender: >Reply-To: Ron Ebert <> > >At 12:54 PM 6/11/99 -0700, KATHERINE TODD wrote: >>This is off topic a bit, so I'll make it quick: >> >> Does anyone know of any physics mailing lists that I could join? >> >> Thanx in advance!!! >> >> >> > >Here is information for Phys-L, a list of physics instructors at the >university, college and highschool level: > >PHYS-L is a list dedicated to physics and the teaching of physics with >about 600 members from over 40 countries, the majority of whom are physics >educators. Traffic varies from zero to sixty messages/day with an average >of about ten per day. All postings are archived. Noninflammatory, >professional and courteous postings intended to inform members on how to >better understand, teach and learn physics are always welcome. > >Information regarding subscribing to, leaving, suspending, and DIGEST-ifying >PHYS-L; finding PHYS-L member homepages, searching the past three years >of PHYS-L messages etc. is available at: > > > >Email if you have problems (after checking the web page, please). > >Best regards, > >Dan M > >Dan MacIsaac, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Northern AZ Univ > PHYS-L list owner >-------------------- > > > >Here is the address for Tap-L, a list of physics lab and lecture >demonstration technicians: > >LISTSERV@LISTSERV.APPSTATE.EDU >***NO SUBJECT*** >___________________________ >SUBSCRIBE TAP-L YOUR NAME >___________________________ > >THIS WILL SUBSCRIBE YOU FROM YOUR CURRENT ADDRESS. >--------------------- > > >The What's New newsletter of the American Physical Society is available on >the web or as a mailing list. See for details. > > >Ron Ebert > >***************** >Physics is the attempt to look at things as they really are. >Urs Lauterburg - Tap-L list >

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