SETI ETI handedness

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>X-Sender: >Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 12:51:50 -0500 >To: >From: Athena Andreadis <> >Subject: ETI handedness >Cc: > >Dear John -- > > you're absolutely right that more biologists should enter SETI and space >exploration, to make these fields 3-dimensional in expertise. As a >biologist, I happen not to share the skepticism of many colleagues about >extraterrestrial life, though I know it won't resemble anything that we can >easily recognize. I've always been very interested in ETI as well as space >exploration and its effects on the human body, mind and spirit. > > I'm a molecular biologist, asst. prof. at Harvard Medical. Constantly >poised between astrophysics and molecular biology, I narrowly chose the >latter at Harvard two courses short of graduating with a double degree. >Sometimes I still regret the choice. However, I've kept pace with >cosmology and exobiology. Recently, I combined my two interests by writing >a popular science book, "To Seek Out New Life: The Biology of Star Trek", >which got rave reviews. > > In the book, I used the Star Trek series and films as a light-hearted way >to introduce people to real questions in biochemistry, biology, the >workings of the human brain and the quest for extra-terrestrial life. More >recently, I wrote articles for MS-NBC and Astronomy on the subjects of life >and potential human settlements on other planets and I've also been giving >talks on these subjects. You can read the articles at my book site, >, under Author's Portfolio (the file Why >"Seek Out New Life" explains why more biologists haven't entered exobio). > > If you go through my Astronomy article, you'll find quick answers to most >of the questions in your e-mail. There are more detailed answers to them >scattered throughout my book, which is about to come out in paperback. > > Please keep asking such questions -- they're the fuel for exploration and >new knowledge. > >Best regards, >Athena Andreadis, PhD > > >

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