Re: SETI Men cannot commnicate with their own Unconscious...what aboutETI,then?

Elisabeth Piotelat (
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 17:50:04 +0200

Hi Claude & all dreamers... > So,if they cannot even understand the basics of their own consciousness,how can they ever dream of SETI? SETIzen are waiting for a contact, a ring of the phone. When my waker rings in the morning, I can still remember that I had some dreams during the night. It's a sort of contact with what you call "Unconscious". I don't understand what my unconscious told me (and sometimes I prefer not to know!) but the contact is made during the few seconds between sleep and reality. Even if I can not "really" communicate with my "Unconscious", I hope I can do it with other people on Earth (for example with the subscribers of this list in my poor english!). You can communicate with your unconscious and also with the people on Earth (or at least some of them). I can't imagine someone without dreams. We all know the "internal" contact exists! The "external" contact exists between most humans. So why not with an ETI ? Elisabeth

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