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Hello Zeus, You won't win any friends here by extolling to SETI RADIO astronomers that SETI is a waste of time. Many people here in this list have spent a fair amount of their energies, thought and effort in constructing Project Argus SETI stations (these nice people do it with their 'home' money) and are looking for our neighbors, not JUST TALKING ABOUT IT. Radio SETI is not based upon random nor fanciful whim. Further, Earth is proof of the existence that there is the possibility that some number of technical ET civilizations, greater than zero, could be using RADIO for communications. Also, (I suspect) that the cooks in the kitchens of chaos are a mad lot and serve up multiple worlds with the same ingredients through out the galaxy. I find your thinking interesting. It seems to me, that a universal language translator (as fictionally depicted in Star Trek) could be approximated by what some identify as the characteristics of telepathy. Machine telepathy or psionics is purportedly non-linear, not power limited to square of distance law and demonstrates zero media latency. If this notion could be made to work, it might be an ideal solution for great-distance-communications. However this would (I suspect) probably mandate different thinking structure. Imagine, if you would, how Humanity would evolve if each of use were able to directly interconnect into the InterNet, interfaced into our minds. How much time need expire before Humanity would be unable to communicate with itself if the connection were severed? Or inability to communicate or rationalize with those who don't have the connection? Advanced information based civilizations may well have these type capabilities, could we as the other ET world ever bridge the cognitive mismatch? Best Wishes Walt Williams, 99.06.10 ================================= ------- Forwarded Message Follows ------- Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 16:14:09 +0900 To: SETI List <> From: Zeus <> Subject: SETI Theoretical considerations on the central nervous system of future homo sapiens lead to the conclusion that communication with SETI is,probably,impossible Hi, I have studied,since 1976 to now,how our CNS functions and I have deduced the following things concerning the future of homo sapiens intelligence(for understanding of the vocabulary,please go to where you will find an ensemble of draft notes,some of which are relevant to SETI): Future homo sapiens brains will be "neuromodified" through a yet unborn science which I term "neuromorphogenetics". Neuromorphogenetics will be a branch of "general morphogenetics"). Logical characteristics of the brains of homo sapiens in the future should be as follows: 1.Verbal sequential language replaced by non-verbal non-sequential language 2.Intensity of Consciousness modified: a.future homo sapiens will be able to make their consciousness "radiate" at will,a process which will give them exquisite ways of problem analysis. b.future homo sapiens will be able to have a polyfocal type of consciousness instead of our,normal,monofocal form of consciousness. c.A system,critical in order to control the intensity of our consciousness(which I termed the Consciousness Activating System or SAC),will be greatly perfected in order to sustain a permanent state of polyfocality and in order for consciousness to explore,deeply,the stored data of our memory. I have recently found that consciousness is a phenomenon of resonances between memory domains. The more we have these resonances going on in our brains and the more we are,quantitatively,"conscious". Presently,in our normal brain,the quantity of these resonances is low,thus our consciousness is low. In future homo sapiens,the quantity of resonances will be increased,thanks to the modification of the SAC. So our descendants will be vastly more advanced than we are. If we look at how fast our scientific knowledge grows,it is my belief that all the above things will be realised before a 1000 years or so. The consequences of these modifications are so enormous that our descendants will(obviously for me!) not communicate with us and will go their own way... A millenium is a tiny amount of time in the reality of the Cosmos! Presumably,then,all advanced ETI capable of reaching the stars have,first,neuromodified their brain in the way I hypothesise above,as I believe that life,most probably,follow the same laws of organisations anywhere in the Cosmos. In my opinion,then,there can be no contact with ETI slightly more advanced than we are. The time lag between our kind of intelligence and the ameliorated,neuromodified,intelligences is minute. Possibly,we could only communicate with those intelligences who are just on the very same level of development where we are. But,as far as advanced ETI are concerned,basically,it is my opinion that we cannot communicate and that,consequently,SETI is a waste of money and time! Best regards, Cl.

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