SETI (eS) Warp speed ahead!

Larry Klaes (
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 09:12:52 -0400

>Date: 10 Jun 1999 06:52:38 -0000 >To: List Member <> >Mailing-List: ListBot mailing list contact >From: exoScience <> >Delivered-To: mailing list >Subject: (eS) Warp speed ahead! > >exoScience - > >Some news, > >The possibility of warp propulsion (ie. faster-than-light travel) has long >been disputed. Recently, it was proven that if one wanted to warp >space-time to acheive speeds greater than that of light, one would need >more energy than exists in the known universe. However, the theory has >been recently revived by a Belgian physicist who proposes using a small >'bubble' of space with a small surface area, but a large internal volume >to encase a spaceship. Interesting idea. All that needs to be done know >is to figure out how to create such a bubble! Check it out: > > >Also, I've added a brand-new space links directory to exoScience. The >directory is fairly large and is organized based on topic. Please come >take a look at: > > >Please, send me any comments! >Dave Watanabe > > >______________________________________________________________________ >To unsubscribe, write to >Start Your Own FREE Email List at > >

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