DOM and polyfocal consciousness,SETI

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Thu, 10 Jun 1999 15:37:57 +0900

>Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 15:14:29 +0900 >To: judith >From: Zeus <> >Subject: DOM and polyfocal consciousness > > >> >>Dear Sasha, >> >>Reading your book,page 639,on DOM,3 mgr,is interesting as what you describe is exactly what I have described with psilocine under the new term of "polyfocality of consciousness". >> >>In fact,I also described how this might function within the CNS(through a structure I call the "S.A.C" or "Consciousness Activating System" ) and predicted that in more advanced homo sapiens polyfocality of consciousness will be a normal feature of novel homo sapiens created through what I call "neuromorphogenetics",a science of the Future! >> >>So you write: >> >>"I found that I was able to separate components of complex things,so as to evaluate them separetely. >> >>This is an exact description of a polyfocal consciousness. >> >>I have much thought about this(you can find my thoughts about it in my notes)and it seems to me that one of the first thing any evolving primitive intelligence will do(when this intelligence has enough scientific knowledge for neuromorphogenetics)will be to change the functionning of its consciousness,from monofocal,to highly polyfocal. >> >>This has implications for the way we imagine,for example,how possible ETIs might behave.<------------------- >> >>An intelligence equipped with a permament polyfocal consciousness will have not much interest in <communicating with lower forms of intelligences set on monofocal consciousness. >> >>Cheers, >> >>Cl. >> >>PS:Polyfocality is a marvellous experience.I discovered it,while under psilocine,in Bangkoc.

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