SETI Re: Your idea about the problem below?

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Thu, 10 Jun 1999 13:30:04 +0900

>Return-Path: <> >X-Sender: >Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 19:08:23 -0700 >To: Zeus <> >From: Ross Tessien <> >Subject: Re: Your idea about the problem below? > > >Spacetime in our vicinity of the universe is left handed. Life elsewhere >and beta decay etc. might be right handed. Probably, there are equal >domains of each handedness throughout the universe. > >rt > >At 10:25 AM 6/10/99 +0900, you wrote: >> >>>2) Life on earth is based on left-handed amino acids, right-handed sugars >>>(e.g. dextrose). There's some evidence of preferred -handedness or >>>chiriality from some of the carbon compounds found in certain meteorites >>>(carboniferous chrondites?) but I'm not sure how compelling it is. Anybody >>>know? Anyway whether the answer to 1) is yes or no, it's still probable that >>>any carbon-based life-as-we-know-it will involve the manufacture of sugars >>>for the basic energetics of life. So the question is will the sugar be >>>right-handed? What are the implications if half the worlds are left-handed >>>and half are right-handed? >>> >>>Too bad there aren't more biologists interested in SETI - perhaps they would >>>have more insight into these matters than the astronomers > > >

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