Re: SETI How many fingers does ETI have?

Rich Tyndall (
Wed, 9 Jun 1999 22:37:12 -0400

How many fingers does ETI have? 2 to 14 What implications does this have for a harmonic off the water hole frequency? Ron Blue Rich Comments: Let's see if 58C x 2= B18 (in Hex), 2614 x 2=5430 (in octal) and 1420 *2=2840 (decimal), then the second harmonic will be the same everywhere ETIs have more than just one finger. But if they had one finger on '2' hands, the would still be able to multiply 10110001100 x 10 (binary) to tune in 101100011000 their transmitter's VFO. BWDIK? Rich <>

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