SETI Re: Sagan: NIDS Press Release - "Day After Contact"

Larry Klaes (
Wed, 09 Jun 1999 11:36:38 -0400

At 05:10 PM 06/08/1999 CST6CDT,4,1, NewSpace wrote: >A cover up may be necessary as we, as a species, are not ready for first >contact given our cultural situation: we can't even get along with one >another! Of course, and alien intelligence would be very aware of our >cultural situation and would see it as necessary to contact only world >leaders in some plan to gently introduce the idea to the general populace. Not if the ETI are sending basic "Hello" (ping) signals to star systems that seem promising for having intelligent technological life, but that they know nothing about for certain. We have already done this with the recent Encounter 2001 broadcast (Target: Four Sol-type stars) and the Arecibo Message sent in late 1974 (Target: Messier 13, a globular star cluster of some 300,000 suns). We have no idea if anyone is there, of course, but we sent the messages just the same. >However, I think that rather than bothering to cover up first contact, an >alien intelligence may chose to refrain from contact altogether until they >were satisfied that we, as race, had reached a stage in our cultural, social >and technological development in which we would have the capacity to accept >a possibly entirely new form of life as different from us as we could >possibly imagine. This is one plausible explanation as to why SETI has yet to have a successful detection. Ron Bracewell referred to it as the Galactic Club. Oh great, another clique, this time on an interstellar scale. :^) >Again, we still have problems accepting each other when it comes to skin >color and birthplace! How, as a race, could we possibly expect to take on >the responsibility of even attempting to communicate with an alien >civilization? They would probably have to treat us like children! Not every human is like this. All you need are enough mature members of our species to find and communicate with ETI to make it all happen. The rest will either follow or ruin themselves. Larry

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