SETI Alcubierre interstellar posting

Zeus (
Wed, 09 Jun 1999 20:59:45 +0900

Alcubierre interstellar posting --------------------------------------- An interesting question to investigate,following the discovery of Miguel Alcubierre possible "travelling bubbles" of Space,at arbitrary speeds,is this one: what are the limits to the size of Alcubierre "bubbles" of Space? If interstellar travel is possible through Alcubierre bubbles,then this would have important consequences for the present SETI research based on archaic radio signals. Advanced civilisations would have no necessity to use radio signals for interstellar communication but would use what I would call "Alcubierre interstellar posting" ! If Alcubierre bubbles of tiny sizes(such as the size of a hydrogen molecule to a big parcel size!) could exist,it might be possible to place information inside and post it immediately! These "i-mails" (interstellar mail) would link far away advanced civilisations,thus the fact that we do not observe any ETI radio signal via the present-day SETI research. I think Miguel Alcubierre should seriously think of such possibilities and investigate how such interstellar "letters" or "parcels" would look like. For example,what would be the appearance of such i-mail being posted from our atmosphere and is this possible,in the first place? Should i-mail only be posted from Space? If interstellar mail can be posted directly from the surface of a planet,what would be the atmospheric physics of such bubbles of Space leaving our planet or other planets,in general,such as Jupiter? When the physics of the atmospheric effects produced by these interstellar parcels is known,then it would be interesting to probe our solar system in case anybody is posting parcels out there !!! Another point:when such parcels would meet planets or stars on their way what would happen? Could they just go through undamaged? If yes then it should be possible to observe such occurences and detect them through their specific signature. Detection of Alcubierre parcels would be one of the nicest discovery of mankind,if such interstellar parcels do exist. Cl.

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