RE: SETI NIDS Press Release - "Day After Contact"

Clements, Robert (
Wed, 9 Jun 1999 14:04:48 +1000

I'm neither underestimating nor overestimating the possible threat; just pointing out that it may not be as immediately significant as SF writers expect. With the possible exception of the Darwinian revolution (which may have had the advantage of simply reinforcing an intellectual movement which already existed: ie, the industrial revolution), humanity's intellectual upheavals have tended to be more obvious in hindsight than unfolding; & all (to date) have taken place in a world free from the current flood of disposable information... to argue that a successful SETI contact will immediate change the world is therefore casting a very long speculative bow indeed. I should also point out that the online survey promoted in the original PR seems astonishingly (for a NIS product) skewed towards exaggerated responses: hardly any of the questions allow for any kind of answer between _null response_ & radical reactions; while the question regarding government response belongs on the X Files rather than an even vaguely intelligent survey. I trust that the original survey quoted was more broadly structured in his range of potential answers; but if it wasn't, all the survey may really have done is told the surveyors exactly what they expected to hear.... All the best, Robert Clements <> <> >---------- >From: Yvan Dutil[] >Sent: Tuesday, June 08, 1999 8:20 PM >To: >Subject: RE: SETI NIDS Press Release - "Day After Contact" > > My guess is: the first news >>_will_ be news; but within a few weeks (& quite conceivably in the >>hiatus between the detection of a signal & the understanding of what the >>signal actually is) it will stop being a story & become some kind of >>background fact. Doesn't mean there won't be a few Heaven's Gates, of >>course; only that broadbased chaos & social disruption won't be on the >>agenda. > >Dont understimate the risk of first contact. If there is any valuable >thecnological information inside the message, the effect maybe extremelly >disruptive on our society. It may completly disrupt our academic and economic >structure. In fact, I think is thaht most UFO follower hope: boot the ass >of scientist and big corporations. > >Yvan Dutil > > >

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