Re: SETI muscles and brains

Chris Boyce (
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 07:44:43 +0100

Ron, What we must ask ourselves is this: are fat humans happier than skinny ones? As a real fat ba****rd let me tell you I'm the epitome of misery! Sour tempered, irritable and God how I wish I was skinny again! The only compensating thought is that I presently don't weigh 30% heavier! And frankly I'm glad to hear that the chances are any nasty ETI pigs have nuked themselves by now - Hey, do I smell crispy bacon out there in the cosmos? Mmmmm... Bacon.... Best regards Chris Boyce ET-Presence - HOGMANAYCON - ----- Original Message ----- From: Ron Blue <> To: SETI List <> Sent: 08 June 1999 05:28 Subject: SETI muscles and brains > Based on computer models the Earth is very light weight for an average earth > at our position. The average earth would be 30% heavier. If the earth was > 15% heavier we would all look like muscle builders on a strong exercise > program. > > Fat would have a high price to store in a high gravity planet. > > Pigs that were breed for little or no fat were extremely aggressive and > cannibalistic. > > If this principle was true on a high gravity earth intelligent life would > have destroyed it self quickly during its nuclear age. > > Ron Blue > > > >

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