Re: SETI Re: non-communication between different levels of intellig

Chris Boyce (
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 18:38:43 +0100

Point taken, Yvan Best regards Chris Boyce ET-Presence - HOGMANAYCON - ----- Original Message ----- From: Yvan Dutil <> > The Arecibo signal is not an example of a good anticryptographic system. > You can do much better if you send more redondant and take much time to > expalin the concept. It is only a matter of pedagogy. > > The message we design for the Encounter 2001 project is much better, than > the Drake message. However, he can still be improved and will be improved. > Unfortunatly, the price to pay for clarity is the number of bit to be send. > > > Yvan Dutil >

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