Re: SETI NIDS Press Release - "Day After Contact"

Rich Tyndall (
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 23:20:10 -0400

My guess is that the stock market would be down for about a week (at least) and all the nutcases would come out of the woodwork. Hey, there are folks buying survival gear of the great "Y2K" event..?. (Maybe I'll get a extra six-pack of Coors, but that's gonna be it for me). Really, I don't think that Contact would be much of a shock to the system. About 70% of us think we have already seen UFOs, so if we heard a message or a probe lands at the UN, we will likely take it all in without too much panic. Most folks are going to be too glued to the tube (interested) to go out and jump off the roof. (Except of those who were going to jump anyway). I can't wait to see it happen! 73, Rich<>

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