SETI NIDS Press Release - "Day After Contact"

Dr. Eric W. Davis (
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 14:12:59 -8

NIDS is pleased to announce today's Press Release on the following (excerpted from the full release): {{ PRESS RELEASE June 7, 1999 HOW WOULD HUMANS REACT IF E.T. LANDED? NASA and the scientific community are actively searching for evidence of extraterrestrial life, but what if we were confronted with undeniable proof that ETs exist and have been visiting Earth? A nationwide survey by the Roper Organization has uncovered the following: out of four Americans think most people would "totally freak out and panic" if such evidence were confirmed. ...eighty percent of influential Americans think the US government would classify or suppress evidence of extraterrestrial life. }} The full press release is located at NIDS just completed an important sociological/behavioral study on the American Public's reaction to confirmation of unambiguous contact with intelligent extraterrestrials. We hired the Roper Poll organization to conduct a nationwide survey on our behalf. We just put out a Press Release today on this because the study was extremely remarkable for showing the attitudes the American Public would have in this regard. The 1961 Brookings Institute Report (and 1967 RAND study) given to Congress stated that these studies needed to be conducted to gauge the public's reaction for policy purposes in light of historical precedence of major changes to a society when it encounters superior beings. No such studies where ever conducted until now. Would you please post our Press Release at (click on the large Press Release link) or go straight to, on your e-mailing lists? There's also a paper by my colleagues giving a historical overview and analysis of the topic at NIDS is also conducting a nonscientific online survey for which we'll do a comparison of those results with the Roper Poll data. Our online survey is at Thanks, Eric W. Davis, Ph.D., FBIS Aerospace Physics & Astrophysics Div. National Inst. for Discovery Science

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