Re: SETI Re: The problem of non-communication between different levels of intelligences

Larry Klaes (
Mon, 07 Jun 1999 13:30:52 -0400

At 10:21 AM 06/05/1999 +0200, Elisabeth Piotelat wrote: >He didn't use the word "telepatic" but deals with dreams. >Do you remember Ellie's Arroway's contact with the Vegan during the space >travel ? Her "father" did study the people from Earth via their beautifull >dreams. The ETI who looked like Ellie's father, Tom Arroway, did not mean dreams in the literal sense, but actually our plans and goals, such as the hope for world peace, etc. Remember, he added that humans are also capable of such terrible nightmares, meaning war, poverty, Teletubbies, etc. I know one aspect of humanity that will likely be very hard to get across to ETI, and vice versa, assuming they have it: Humor. Larry

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