SETI Searching ETI on...Earth

Elisabeth Piotelat (
Mon, 07 Jun 1999 14:29:45 +0200

Hi ! Claude (professeur Chadoko) asked me to forward this message to the list. I tried to convince him that SETI was usefull. As you see, I have a lot to do ! Elisabeth ---------------------------------------------------------- Subject:Searching ETI on...Earth Date: Mon, 07 Jun 1999 20:17:11 +0900 From: Zeus <> Hi all, I think that one of the most unusual SETI search is just here,on our planet. Sounds strange,right? Start from this hypothesis: 1.Advanced ETI when they find novel planets leave probes. 2.These probes are meant to work only when signs of intelligences become apparent,such as the discovery by the natives of nuclear energy. When these probes relay back informations about nuclear devices,then some "explorers" come on the spot to have a brief look and start to survey the development of the natives by putting many more probes beneath the soil. Add then this hypothesis: UFOs are a manifestation of ETI. Their work is to put probes within the Earth by some kind of very advanced beam technology. If this is so we might look for signs of these probes* underground in: 1.spots where UFOs have landed 2.Places where they remained stationary Cordially yours, Claude (From Dreams to Consciousness) Note:* Some of the fabricated underground probes might just be orientational passive transponders,for example in the form of crystals.

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