Re: SETI Re: non-communication between different levels of intellig

Yvan Dutil (
Mon, 07 Jun 1999 08:09:43 -0400

> > Personally, I think that unless we come across a very simple signal we >will be unable to interpret it. In Drake's 'Is Anyone Out There?' he relates >how he put together a 551 character long string of ones and zeros containing >a stylised dot picture. He sent it out to the other members of 'the Order of >the Dolphin' - only one, Barney Olover, figured out it was the sum of two >primes (19 and 21) but the message eluded even him. Drake kept trying it out >on others - including Nobel laureates. The following year it was published >in a mag for amateur cryptologists and he finally received the correct >interpretation from an electrical engineer. > > Of course in our society his interpretation of such a signal would >probably be ignored if the Nobel prize winners couldn't do it. I mean, an >electrical engineer? Get real! The Arecibo signal is not an example of a good anticryptographic system. You can do much better if you send more redondant and take much time to expalin the concept. It is only a matter of pedagogy. The message we design for the Encounter 2001 project is much better, than the Drake message. However, he can still be improved and will be improved. Unfortunatly, the price to pay for clarity is the number of bit to be send. Yvan Dutil

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