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----- Original Message ----- From: Jeffrey O'Callaghan <> Newsgroups:,sci.physics.relativity,sci.physics.particle,sci .physics Sent: Saturday, June 05, 1999 1:51 PM Subject: "Shadows" of the Future > For most of this century physicists have attempted to explain the > forces associated with gravity magnetism, electricity and > electromagnetic radiation in terms of space-time. However using the > concepts of space time they have not been able, for the most part, to > demonstrate a common physical process and mechanism responsible for > these forces. In other words they have been unable to successfully > integrate or find a common bond between gravitational Quantum and > Electromagnetic Theories > > If, instead of viewing space in terms of space time, we view it in > terms of four spatial dimensions we may be able to define a common > physical process and mechanism responsible for all of the forces of > nature. > > This is demonstrated in the "Shadows" file which does not define > matter, energy or the forces of nature in terms of their physical > existence but in terms of the physical process and mechanism > responsible for their interaction. The concepts and definitions of > matter, energy and the forces of nature are presented on the level > that physically defines their reality in terms of a physical process > and mechanism. > > Why has this approach been ignored for so long?? > > Not only does viewing space in terms of four spatial dimensions, > instead of space time, unify gravitational Quantum and electromagnetic > theories, it also open up new frontiers for us to explore. It > demonstrates in terms of a physical processes and mechanisms the > possible existence of a fourth spatial dimension. If the fourth > spatial dimensions exists, can it be used for very high speed > communications? Energy in the fourth spatial dimension MAY be > transmitted at speeds much higher that of EM radiations. Yes, it also > presents us with the possibility of developing a device for > inter-dimensional travel at many times the speed of light. These > questions are left unanswered in the "Shadows" file however it does > provide an extremely solid foundation and bases for their answers. > > The Shadows file can be reviewed at the World of Science site > <> in the HotTob Journal > > If you have any question or doubt the validity of these statements > please email Jeff > > Jeff > > Imagination Searches > Intellect Explores

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