Re: SETI Re: The problem of non-communication between different levels of intelligences/Le probleme de l'impossibilite communicationnelle entre differents niveaux d'intelligences

Elisabeth Piotelat (
Sat, 5 Jun 1999 10:21:08 +0200

Hi Yvan, >I have no problem with French but I must admit I have some diffciulties to >read this text. For me it is the usal delirium of a philosopher which use >long words to gave the impression of superior knowledge. You're not completely wrong, but I keep thinking this text is written for language and dream experts. He uses a very specific vocabulary. If we want only "simple" texts, why did we send so complicated messages in space ? Why don't we ask a young child to make a drawing for his cosmic friends ? Someone told me he found a printed version of it signed by Claude Rifat. You'll find other texts from Claude Rifat (in french and english) at the following URL : >The argument is >that a advanced "telepatic" civilisation would not try to communicate with a >primitive "language" civilisation. He didn't use the word "telepatic" but deals with dreams. Do you remember Ellie's Arroway's contact with the Vegan during the space travel ? Her "father" did study the people from Earth via their beautifull dreams. However I don't really share his opinion about non-communication between these two kinds of civilisations (In Contact, it works !). Intelligences could be differents, not primitive or advanced. Bernard Werber, a french science-fiction writer wrote a trilogy where he describes the world seen by an ant. At the end, a human researcher try to communicate with ants, and he sees the intelligence and the power of this insects. There's a lot of allusions to SETI even if the word is nether written (if an ETI comes on Earth there is a greater probability that he encounters an ant than a human). Its a real thriller ! For ants we are a primitive intelligence ! So I think we can't compare intelligences. They are differents. That's all. Regards, Elisabeth

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