RE: Question: SETI@home Error

Cecchini, Ron (Ron.Cecchini@GSC.GTE.Com)
Fri, 04 Jun 1999 16:58:29 -0400

Hi guys. Thanx for the help so far. > From: R.J. Fear[] > > Are you running NT Server or Workstation and have the service packs (up to > and including 4) been applied? There are problems with folder security > under NT without service packs.... there are also some issues with > concurrency of access. It's an NT Workstation. i finally found out how to see the information you're asking about (by rebooting) & as part of the reboot i see "... Build 1381 Service Pack 3 ..." displayed. So i'm guess this might be it. FWIW, some of the other SW problems i'm having is that my newsreader doesn't seem to be able to access its config/newsrc files. So i don't think this is a So i don't think this is a SETI@home problem, per se. Unfortunately, everyone in IT is now gone for the weekend, so i'll have to wait 'til Monday to get that SP 4 installed. You definitely think that the SP 3 could be causing the trouble, though? ----- > From: Ron Blue[] > > As a guess SETI was running at the time you turned off the machine or it > crashed and it is locked in a loop. Well, the screensaver wasn't on. But i s'pose that the process *is* running in the background, right? i don't know how NT screensavers work; i.e. once the screen- saver quits (when the user presses a button, etc), does the screensaver process (in this case screensaver process (in this case SETI@home) get killed? At any rate, after getting each of the "Cannot open file". errors from errors from SETI@home, the process does seem to be going away, as it's not showing up in the Task Manager. So, it (So, it (SETI@home) is being kicked off as a fresh process each time the screensaver comes on ... & it's immediately starting up with that "Cannot access file." error. > Now that you have solved the problem you have another problem. Getting SETI > to run again. This could require you reset the screen saver options and > time. You may have to start the program manually. > For me, evertime the icon disappears and I start the program again I have to > reset the screen saver options. i don't think this sounds like the trouble i'm having here... Anyway, thanx for any & all help. Hopefully Monday i'll get this machine back to crunching some data...

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