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>Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 11:20:37 -0400 (EDT) >To: >From: "What's New" <> >Subject: What's New for Jun 04, 1999 > >WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 4 Jun 99 Washington, DC > >1. MIR: PLUG PULLED AFTER BRITISH BILLIONAIRE BUNGLES BAILOUT. >In a last desperate bid to save the wobbly spacecraft, Russia >agreed to let Peter Llewellyn play cosmonaut if he would pay for >the training and round up investors willing to lay out $100M to >get first crack at all the research results, like well that was >the problem. Industry likes to be paid to build space stations, >but who would invest in one? Mir will be abandoned in August >because no one could think of anything useful to do with it and >it's being replaced by a bigger and more expensive version. > >2. ISS: AT LEAST IT WAS QUIETER ON MIR. The International Space >Station reached a milestone it's had its first repair mission. >It was not entirely successful. Astronauts did fix the broken >radio and replace the flawed battery packs, but they had to wear >ear plugs while they worked because of a noisy fan a fan that >must run 24 hours a day. They tried wrapping the fan in foam, >and thought maybe it was a bit better. But even at the slightly >reduced level, the ISS crew will be required to wear ear plugs. > >3. HYPERDRIVE: "STAR WARS PROPULSION DRIVE SOARS TOWARD REALITY." >A May 18 NASA press release from the Marshall Space Flight Center >explains that the "hyperdrive" in Star Wars gets its punch from >fusion, so NASA's busy developing fusion propulsion at Marshall. >"Achieving the level of technology portrayed in Star Wars is >quite a challenge," according to an MSFC official, who said it >would also require "overcoming the physical limitations of space >itself in order to travel faster than the speed of light." As >soon as they take care of the fan they'll get right on it. > >4. SHIFTING PARADIGMS: SOCIETY FOR SCIENTIFIC EXPLORATION MEETS. >Yes folks, it's going on right now in Albuquerque, with talks on >Newton vs Einstein (Newton wins), alien abductions, evidence of a >human consciousness field in World Cup soccer and, of course, >cold fusion. A major theme of the meeting is "the Suppression of >New Science." So far, the best quote came after an invited talk >attacking Darwinism. Asked what the benefits to society would be >if "intelligent design" won acceptance, the speaker solemnly >explained that, "We could avoid wasting time looking for natural >explanations where none exist." It's that kind of meeting. > >5. COX REPORT: ONE MORE PLOT TWIST. In addition to the reasons >listed in WN (WN 27 May 99), Randolph Herber at Fermilab points >to another reason why China would let the CIA know they had >stolen our secret: the data was real - they knew it, we knew it - >but China wanted the US to plug the holes in security before >others got the same information. Now that everyone is on record, >expressing shock and outrage, the discussion should return to the >hard reality - you can't keep secrets forever so we better focus >on nonproliferation and get on with CTBT. > >THE AMERICAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY (Note: Opinions are the author's >and are not necessarily shared by the APS, but they should be.) >

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