Re: SETI at home: Where do we go now?

John Willcox (
Fri, 04 Jun 1999 12:43:33 -0400

Kathie, John and Folks, There are those more qualified to speak to this (everyone) ;-) For some time I have wondered about the possibilities suggested by the great site created by Malcolm Mallette: RADIO ASTRONOMY AT THE UNIVERSITY OF INDIANAPOLIS If you look you will see radiotelescope data presented in real time, with options for analysing data on your own. This is great stuff, pulling the 'net user into RA as much as is possible without being on site! Perhaps Argus stations could form "teams" for postprocessing, study and even instrument design. Just trying to think of a "middle way" between "screensavers" and building an instument. John Willcox Project Argus Observatory FM29fx

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