Re: SETI Re: The problem of non-communication between different levels of intelligences/Le probleme de l'impossibilite communicationnelle entre differents niveaux d'intelligences

Yvan Dutil (
Fri, 04 Jun 1999 08:44:07 -0400

At 11:17 PM 6/3/99 -0400, you wrote: >We have a French friend interested in our topic. My French is very poor. >The article looks high level and good, any translators agree? >Ron Blue I have no problem with French but I must admit I have some diffciulties to read this text. For me it is the usal delirium of a philosopher which use long words to gave the impression of superior knowledge. The suposition behind this text is that some ET may have develloped a parallele communication mode in oposition to our linear comunication mode (language). This parallele communication mode could essentially assimilated to telepathy. The argument is that a advanced "telepatic" civilisation would not try to communicate with a primitive "language" civilisation. Howver, the autgor forget to notice than our system of communication is matched with our brain which allow a very efficient compression scheme. In fact there is much more information in a work than its value in bit. To be put in the pile of:"What if": What if alien used FTL communication! What if alien used non numerical math! etc. Yvan Dutil

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