Re: SETI Re: The problem of non-communication between different levels of intelligences/Le probleme de l'impossibilite communicationnelle entre differents niveaux d'intelligences

Elisabeth Piotelat (
Fri, 04 Jun 1999 10:37:11 +0200

Hi, This article is really good... and could find a place as a guest editorial in Searchlites. But I'm affraid my english is too poor to produce a correct translation. But if someone wants to do it, I can propose to. Here is a kind of very quick and "low level" summary. I'm not a specialist in language theories :-( ------ What the Professeur Chadoko says is that we use one language based on symbols. There's a big a waste of information. For example if I see a tree and I want to communicate this to someone else that don't see it, It's impossible for me to transmit all what I feel, all what I know about it. He imagines another kind of language, that is non-sequencial and non-symbolic that ETI could have developped. Thus it would be impossible for them to communicate with a primitiv intelligence like ours... ------- The "anthropocentrism" is a classical critic about SETI. This article is really a good one, because the author make a proposal to explain why he find SETI is a waste of money. Somewhere it represents a step forward in our reflexion about ETI and shows tha t SETIis really an open and wide field, where a lot has to be discovered. Elisabeth Piotelat SETI League volcor for France

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